You want technical?

Okay. Some of you like details. Since Passive House building standards are created by physicists and building scientists, have I got technical details for you about Passive House Standards.

First, some background: buildings consume up to 40 per cent of global energy use and contribute up to 30 per cent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) – those are the emissions that are causing the climate crisis. In Toronto, it’s estimated 53 per cent of annual GHG emissions are related to buildings. That’s 13 per cent higher than the international average. Argh! Worse, a United Nations agency concerned with the climate crisis found buildings around the world on average will have to reduce energy consumption by 60 per cent if we are to meet our Paris Accord targets. Sigh.

Passive House (PH) standards can help. PH is internationally recognized to be the most rigorous voluntary energy-based standard in the design and construction industry today. passive House buildings consume up to 90 per cent less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings. You can understand why Canadian governments are adopting our standards for their building codes.

Here are some promised details.

Space heating: 15 kilowatt hours per square metre floor area per year

Air tightness: 0.6 air changes per hour (in both over-pressure and under-pressure scenarios at 50Pa)

Primary energy: 120 kilowatt hours per square metre floor area per year

Want more?

Build better: super-insulated building envelope; hi quality windows with solar orientation; ventilation systems with heat recovery; thermal bridge-free; air tight.

Feel better: Year-round stable indoor air quality and temperature; quiet and comfortable throughout the changing seasons; substantial reduction in energy use and operating costs; simple to use, durable systems; priceless peace of mind.

So who is Passive House Canada? We’re the national Canadian association advocating for the PH high performance building standard. Through our advocacy, education programs, national-wide events, and by fostering the high performance building community, we accelerate adoption of the Passive House Standard. Become a member today.

And get ready, I’ve got lots more numbers for the high performance building afficianados.

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